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Regardless of whether you are a dyslexic or just want to rest your eyes, you can greatly benefit from the text-to-speech feature. Adjust the speed of reading to match your attention ability.

Spaced repetition

Don't become a memory monkey who keeps forgetting and re-learning information again and again. Our app is based on the principle of spaced repetition for long-term memory retention.

Custom flashcards

Decide what you have to learn and create your own custom flashcards. Tailor the study material to suit your needs.

Cloze deletion

Test yourself on sentences with missing words you have to complete.

Upload your own material

Study exactly what you need. Upload scanned books, articles or notes and fill the app with custom material.

See your progress

Everyone likes to see the progress they have made to stay motivated and enthusiastic about learning. Check your stats to see how you're doing.

Save time

Studying smarter is not only about advanced memory techniques but above all about saving time.


Listen to your study material and learn on the go. You don't have to study sitting down behind the desk anymore. Wash the dishes, stretch your body, play with your pet and still be studying.

Study anywhere, anytime

Waiting for your friend, a delayed train, a cancelled lecture... there are parts of the day when your time is simply wasted. Unlike heavy books, the app is always on your phone so you can study anywhere and anytime!